Adult Obesity in the United States

According to the most recent data, two states have adult obesity rates above 35 percent, 20 states have rates at or above 30 percent, 43 states have rates at or above 25 percent and every state is above 20 percent. Mississippi and West Virginia have the highest rates of obesity at 35.1 percent, while Colorado have the lowest rate at 21.3 percent. All 10 states with the highest rates of obesity are in the South or Midwest. Northeastern and Western states comprise most of the states with the lowest rates of obesity. Between 2012 and 2013, six states showed statistically significant increases in adult obesity — Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, New Jersey, Tennessee and Wyoming.

Adult Obesity Rate by State,

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Percent of obese adults (Body Mass Index of 30+)

Adult obesity rates,

Note: A change in methodology makes direct comparisons to data collected prior to 2011 difficult. This is indicated by a break in the trend lines between 2010 and 2011. Read the full rates and ranks methodology for more information.